Which One Is The Best Option – Panini Press or Griddler

From small size grills to hi-end large sized grills with advanced features, an extensive range of Panini press and griddlers are available in the market. Selecting between the press and a griddler device can be quite confusing. Knowing about the different types of devices and relating it to your needs and budget would help in making an efficient decision.

Difference between a Panini press and a griddler

Panini press is a device that produces Panini’s. A small sized Panini press is capable of making two small or one large sandwich, at the single time. A Large sized Panini press is called as griddler that can easily prepare sandwiches to serve three to four people easily in one go.

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Different Types of Panini Presses

Basic Panini Press

This is a small sized appliance that is properly fitted with the help of a weighted lid. This lid gently pushes food items near to the cooking surface. You will get ridged plates that cannot be removed. These plates leave toasted grill marks on the surface of the food.

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Panini Press Appliance with Removable Plates

This appliance as the name suggests has removable plates. It has a smooth surface on one of the sides and a ridged type on the other side. Not only these removable plates offer much more functionality than non-removable plates but also easy to clean.

Hinged Countertop Grills

These appliances enable cooking of both surfaces of food at one time. These appliances can also be opened in a horizontal manner to increase the cooking space. In this type of devices, some models have removable grill plates and other have non-removable grill plates.

You would get drip trays with these appliances that help in catching grease. They can be easily programmed regards to temperature setting.

Panini press and griddler are the very important and interesting addition to your kitchen. With these appliances, you can easily prepare mouth-watering meals in no time. This guide will surely help you buy the right appliance for your kitchen.