Soda Makers for Consumers


The Soda Maker machines or the “apparatus for aerating liquids” originated in 1903 by an inventor named Hugh Gilbey who was an alcoholic liquor distiller in London and it was sold to aristocrats that included the royal family. In 1920 the process was further developed and flavored concentrates were introduced along with commercial carbonation machines. It was not until 1955 that the first machine for home based carbonation of water hit the market. It was originally sold in UK by the brand name “SodaStream” and later on spread to other countries. This company now provides more than 100 different types of concentrated syrups and flavorings to make carbonated drinks for consumers. More information on SodaStream products and other soda maker machines of other brands can be found on Soda Serve website.

The Soda Drink Maker Components

The Soda Drink Maker (for consumer use) basically is a device that can force Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas under applied pressure in to drinking water to make it frizzy. This consumer targeted product consists of a pressure inducing machine with one or two buttons, a cylinder of compressed carbon dioxide gas and flavors. The carbon dioxide gas in injected under pressure into drinking water to make carbonated water (soda). The large variety of fruit flavors or concentrates of syrups can be added in small amounts to make diet or soft drinks from the water after its carbonation.

The Gas Canisters

The companies that manufacture soda drink makers also give carbon dioxide cylinder that can weigh around 14.6 ounces that can carbonate a whopping 60 liters (16 US gallons) of water. Other models that come with canisters weighing 33 ounces can carbonate 130 liters (34 US gallons) of water. The empty carbon dioxide cylinders can be replaced by the resellers. The carbon dioxide canisters can also be refilled by consumers all on their own.

Concentrates and Syrups

The soda drink makers come with hundreds of flavors that range from cola and fruit flavors to green tea and energy drinks. The concentrates are available in packages of half a liter of bottles from which a capful is enough to flavor a liter of soda i.e. a half liter of concentrate (500 ml of flavor bottle) is enough to make a dozen liters of soda. The flavoring of soda is completely optional.

A typical Soda Drink Makers can carbonate only a liter of water at any given single period of time. This can set a limit in some cases like if you want to carbonate wine or fresh fruit juices. There are no restrictions if syrups are purchased from a vendor that is not the manufacturer of your soda drink maker machine.

One of the most attractive point in the consumption of Soda drinks made from soda drink makers is that the user can experiment with a wide range of different flavors and their mixes to tingle their taste buds. The people who consume self-made drinks with these machines have mixed views but it has been reported that the popularity and sale of soda drink makers and their accessories have increased over the years.