Hot Air Brushes to Add Style to Your Everyday Hairdo and Looks

Gone are the days when you had no way other than visiting a salon to style your hair. Today, you can get the salon finish hair styling at home with the help of hot air brushes. This is really good news. Everyone is too busy these days and visiting a salon whenever you go on an outing would consume a lot of your valuable time. Hot air brushes act as your professional hairstylists at home.

There are different types of hot air hairbrushes. Understanding their features, pros and cons is essential if you are planning to buy one. To make sure you buy the best you should do your research, shortlist a few based on reviews and features and then compare them.

  1. Rotating hot air brushes

Do you want your hair to have the same looks as salon straightening? Salon straightening is expensive and time consuming but you can get as much as 80% of the results with rotating hair brushes. What does it do? It blow dries your hair. The rotating barrel straightens your hair by spinning. This gives your hair voluminous look. It also adds shine and lustre to your hair. One of the users speaks highly of this type of brush. The way she explains makes it clear that the straightened look will remain for 2-3 days if not exposed to too much of humidity.

  1. Ceramic hot air brushes

In this type of brush, ceramic is plated over the metal. (Avoid ceramic coated hair brushes. Go for ceramic plated brushes.) Ceramic has a few advantages over other materials because of its unique features. It is made from clay which enables fast and even heating. Ceramic hair brushes are usually in the barrel form with vents to let hot air pass through. This breaks the hydrogen ions in the air and leaves your hair silky, smooth and tangle free. They are the best for wavy style.

  1. Curling hot air brush

Hot air curling brushes are better than curling irons and curling wands because they don’t apply too much heat directly on your hair. Barrel shaped curling brushes are better. Brushes with small barrels are the best for short hair and the brushes with large barrels are the best for long hair.

Hot air brushes that help to dry and style your hair simultaneously are a blessing to the modern women. Choose the best to get the best value for your money.