Fire Safety at Your Work Place

The significance of safety at workplace cannot be over exemplified. It is mainly felt in factories where the laborers are exposed to continual danger in their daily operations. Adaptation of security measures not only ensures security of the life of the workers, but also of their family dependents.

ANSI makes it obligatory for important factories and building houses to stick to certain specified norms. It is essential that the building houses and factories embrace certain specified norms and some basic safety measures in order to ensure complete safety of the workplace.

First all procedures should be performed under supervision of a factory foreman. He’s accountable for release of all safety precautions. All the safety provisions should be brought to the attention of everybody used in the factory units. A list of all the security measures should be displayed in a prominent place in order to attract attention of workers.

Particular care should be taken with respect to supplying security helmets, shoes, and security belts to the employees. An emergency first aid kit should be maintained in order to combat emergency situation. Safety is very important in building sites. Particular attention must be dedicated to ensure safety in these areas.

For case barricading open excavations is needed. Every employee must be made prepared of the measures needed to be adopted in the event there is a crisis. As we know, bulk of the offices are located in high rise towers and situations like fire, elevator emergency, power outage impacting manifold impact these places.

Particularly in incidents like fire, it’s essential for the worker to take some basic steps in order to arrest the magnitude of the casualty. In case it concerns high rise towers, it becomes quite difficult for firefighters to carry 100 pound gears on top of the buildings.

In that case fire-fighting devices like fire extinguishers must be kept inside the reach of everyone. Safety of employees is mainly important at any workplace regardless of the fact whether it’s an office, factory or a building site.

At the same time, appropriate protection of the office properties is essential. All of the workers must be recognized by appropriate photo ID cards required to be shown as they enter the office premises. A photo id card helps in determining its holder with his name and photograph. This helps avoid the representation and reduces chances of robbery and theft in factories.

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