Bug zapper operating principle.

It must be kept in mind that bug zappers are very effective devices for the extermination of flying insects: mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects. Such devices are widely used against various wreckers and parasites in premises, on livestock farms, at residences and homestead farms. Also, they usually bought for protection of grocery stores premises, restaurants, cafe, for extermination of wreckers in warehouses. If you would like to know more details about particular work of certain bug zappers visit Bug Shock.

At the same time, the bug zapper is not universal mean. It will be inefficient against cockroaches, bugs, ants, creeping insects, and also against some butterflies. The reason for that lies in the special principle of operation. Let us consider it in more detail.

It is known that mosquitoes, various moths and flies usually flying on the light in twilight and at night. So they will fly with the same intent on the bug zapper trap light. Moreover, the ultraviolet light radiated by a device lamp attracts the specified insects in a bigger degree, than the “usual” radiation of a visible range.

The ultraviolet lamp in the device located under the small grid which is under high voltage. When the insect attracted with ultraviolet tries to approach a light source, it inevitably gets on a grid and immediately receives deadly electric discharge (therefore the device sometimes called insect killer). After that remains of an insect fall on the special pallet which needs to be cleared periodically.

It is necessary to mark that despite emitted ultraviolet, bug zappers are quite safe for the person. The wavelength of emitted lights up so that will not cause ozonization of air and will not to damage eye tissue (even if you look long at the device lamp – very soft ultraviolet). Besides, the energized grid which is in the instrument isolated with a protective grid through which even the child would not be able to push fingers, but at the same time insects freely penetrate.

Some bug zappers equipped with special fan, which lure close flying up insects into the lattice. It increases overall performance of the device but at the same time also increases consumption of the electric power by it.

The power consumption of household bug zappers usually makes from 8 to 30 W, and the lamps quantity can be miscellaneous. Household devices are intended for extermination of the flying insects in certain small rooms. At industrial traps, the power of lamps reaches 80 W, and they can be used in rooms up to 200 m ² and even in the open air.