5 Tips to Leverage Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Leverage Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy

Since Instagram is quite the popular image-sharing social media platform nowadays, you ought to take advantage of it for your business marketing strategy. Check out these five helpful tips if you are unsure of what to do:

Keep Your Bio Updated

Having your bio updated is a method to gain more exposure. Furthermore, with the link you can use, you can direct more users to your business website. Doing so will add one more layer of digital content to your social media suite. Also, it enables a better searchability on the website, so you would not want to miss that.

Quality Content

Since you do not want to embarrass your business, avoid low-quality posts on the platform. Furthermore, you want to get attention and gain credibility, so having your content rank high on others’ views is desirable. Also, you would want to avoid having low-quality images on the cover component on your profile, so bring out the best that you’ve got.

Profile Picture

Another important aspect to take advantage of is your profile picture. Whatever is displayed here gives people their first impression of you, so upload something professional, specifically one that symbolizes your business. Avoid using bathroom pictures as your display picture as that would lead you to ruin. Remember, you are putting your business on the line, even with just the profile picture, so take it seriously.

Avoid Neglecting the Whole Picture

Although your profile is important, you need to remind yourself that there is much more to Instagram. You need to take advantage of hashtags, check your followers and reply to their posts, follow the influencers in your field, and so on. Thus, you should avoid focusing too much on your profile page only. Overall, you should go back to posting, following, liking, replying, and etc., once you are done updating your profile.

Instagram to Facebook

Now, one can post Instagram stories to Facebook, which is another aspect that you have to leverage. Read Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories – Income Artist, as they explain how it works. Do note that it only works one way: Instagram to Facebook and not the other way around.


You can leverage Instagram for your marketing strategy with these five tips. Remember, all you have to do is update your bio and profile, post quality content, look at the big picture, and take advantage of Instagram to Facebook stories.