Where & How to Buy Youtube Signals

Where & How to Buy Youtube Signals

Social signals for Youtube like views and subscribers can be bought these days, and if you’ve been longer in the game you know it could be bought forever really. Whether those signals are real remains the question. Every site that sells them claims they come from real humans but you can’t just believe everything they tell you so maintain a skeptical eye while reading this post and visiting the websites we are going to mention here.

One of the places that flourish in terms of social activities is Fiverr.com, they were probably the first one that sold Facebook likes, Youtube views, Pinterest pins, Twitter retweets, Google +1’s and so forth. Nowadays they’ve banned sellers as they finally caught on that it’s nothing more than a scam in 99% of the cases so the easiest decision would be to get rid of those sellers altogether. Unfair for the few legitimate sellers but that’s how the world works.

Another place that’s notorious for providing these signals is Freelancer.com – especially after they bought the Warrior Forum. Freelancer is probably the lowest quality freelance platform that you can find with little to no moderation in place so no matter what you sell, you’re always welcome at their site to publish your offerings. It does cost a little money but if you can get more in return that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Speaking of Warriorforum.com – they have a classified section themselves where you can buy social activities, it isn’t just limited to the Warrior Forum though, you can expect the same type of services at any internet marketing forum, take Blackhatworld for example, they even go as far as selling bots so that you can generate it all yourself, proxies and under things to stay under the radar included.

I hope you start to realize that buying real social activity is no easy task. The simple reason is that it would be too expensive, 1000 likes for $5, 2000 views for $7, when you think of it you should understand that they don’t have a crew of thousands of people to click on your video or post, let alone watch your 10-minute video in full. That would literally run into the thousands of dollars to set up a campaign so despite those bold claims you shouldn’t believe any of it as it is simply impossible to offer what they pretend to offer. Even legit digital marketing agencies wouldn’t make claims about xxxx subscribers for a fixed amount so keep that in mind.