The Need for a Water Filtration System at Home

Have you ever wondered whether a water filtration system is ideal for your home? We have seen a lot of discussions lately about whether it is ok to tap into most city waters for drinking. As much as the government insists that the water is safe, you need to be wary because some news says that the water is contaminated with prescription drugs and chemicals.

Today we look at the various reasons why you need to consider a water filtration system such as the in the home.


There is no doubt that the water that comes out of your faucets contains chemicals that are not good for your health. Tap water is usually recycled water, and the recycling plant uses chemicals to make sure the water is safe for consumption.

Since dirty water contains bacteria and other chemicals that need to be removed, the plant makes use of very harsh chemicals that a normal filtration process can’t do.

One of the chemicals that is used in the treatment of the water s chlorine, which has been known to cause several types of cancer.

Additionally, fluoride is added to the water, which is a practice that is frowned upon by dentists because fluoride is detrimental to your teeth. Fluoride causes tooth decay.

Additionally, the water contains arsenic and lead, which are harmful to health. Using a home water filtration system eliminates these chemicals and other contaminants. These chemicals aren’t something that you would want in the water; the right home water filtration system eliminates them.

The Use of Lead-lined Water Pipes

The pipe network that is in use at the moment was laid decades ago. The pipes have been in use for ages and are lined with lead. The decay of these pipes leads to a drop in water pressure which in turn leads to debris, bacteria and dirt entering the water. Older pipes also crack and allow the dirt to get in. You don’t need the dirt in the home; all you need is a filtration system that allows you to remove this dirt easily.

You also get to avoid lead poisoning as a result of the lead that is in the water.

Final Words

You need to make sure you filter out any contaminants from the water that gets to the home to avoid any health issues that can crop up. Some of the contaminants are due to the lead that has built up in the pipes.