One Instagram Marketing Strategy you Need to Start Using

Instagram marketing is hard, or is it? Not if you know if you know what you’re doing. One of the most effective ways to do a successful marketing campaign on Instagram is to send direct messages (DMs) to your followers and target audience. Here’s why.

It Allows you to Perform Test Runs

You can use direct messaging to test your new product or service before the official launch. Your followers are a loyal bunch and will give honest feedback. Other than that, sending DMs can help you come up with new products or services. In short, DMs are a great way to get critical insights before making your decisions. And when your audience knows that you value them to the point of asking for their opinion, they’ll even become more loyal.

You’ll Learn More About your Followers

Direct messages allow you to collect essential data about your followers. It enables you to pick out specific patterns and behaviors. You’ll know the slang they use, emojis and so on. Essentially, this helps you create content they can relate to. That way, your posts become more engaging and can easily give you the results you want.

It Helps Enhance Relationships with your Clients

The primary reason for using Instagram DMs is not to get instant customers. Instead, you want to create profound connections with your followers through personalized messages. You can, for instance, send a ‘thank you” note as a way of appreciating a client’s first purchase. In short, DMs allow you to dive deeper than you usually would with your regular marketing efforts.

It Teaches you the Art of Customer Service

Things can go wrong even with the best Instagram marketing campaign. A customer may publicly complain about your product or service. With direct messaging, however, you can reach out to your them and discuss how you can resolve the issue. The point is, DMs allow you to contact your followers faster for some quick damage control in case of complaints about your brand.

…One more thing, learn how to send DMs

You see, sending DMs to your followers is one thing but doing it correctly is entirely different. Know how to automate the process to reach all your followers with little effort from your end.  Speaking of automation, The Small Business Blog has a well-crafted guide to help you get started with sending direct messages and everything you need to learn to do it right.