Setting Up Your New Drum Kit

For a new and budding drummer, one of the major concerns is to set up the new drum kit. You have to take into consideration the components of the drum kit which usually varies depending on the personal preference, the musical style and financial muscle.

A drum kit from Drumkit Digital comes as a combination of cymbals, drums and other instruments that are arranged for playing by a single drummer. Let us look at the correct way to set up a new drum kit using the heads.

Using the Heads

The tension rod is usually located at the heads of the drums and is already placed on the bass drum and the toms. The next item to line up is the drum heads, tension rods and the tuning key. However, tuning is more of an acoustic practice.

Traditionally, many people depended on their ears to get the kind of tuning they want. You can try and put some preset music on and listen to it while tuning to your choice. The size of the tom goes hand in hand with the pitch of the ensemble, the smaller the tom the higher the pitch, and vice versa. To tighten the tension rod, you need to do it directly across the last one.

One of the tricks to check whether the tone has matched properly is to try a light beat with the drum sticks. After the general tuning, you need to perform an overall tuning next. Here, each of the head is done with the need to tune the bottom head as well. Make sure you tune the bottom head lower than the top head. You need to conduct tests as you do the tuning. You experience much ring if they are too loose and a high pitched dong sound if the heads are tuned higher.

Using the Stands

You get two pieces when you pull out the stand. These two easily fit together when you insert the top piece into the lower one. You then need to tighten the screws to hold the pieces in place. You can gain more stability by extending the legs as far as they can reach. Leave some play in the cymbals when you put them down.


Make sure you set up the new drum kit the right way to enjoy the playing experience. You can do this via the heads or the stand. Either way, make sure you test the various parts before you start playing.