Instagram Marketing for Success

Instagram has quickly transformed from being just another social media platform into a platform that has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits that this platform offers you is increased traffic to your website.

When marketing on Instagram, you have the ability to showcase your products as well as talk to your customers. However you need to get everything right otherwise you stand to gain nothing from this awesome platform.

Timely Posting

Timing means everything if you are using Instagram for marketing. The kind of engagement you achieve depends on how you post your content. If you post at the wrong time your posts might go unnoticed. The right time to post is early morning or late in the evening. Posting during working hours might make the post go unnoticed.  The worst day is Sunday, with Monday and Thursday seemingly the days that attract the highest follower traffic and engagement.

Get the Right Name

It is unlikely that users will search for you using your name unless they are your friends or you are a celebrity. Therefore create names that revolve around your business or the industry you work in.

Let us look at a scenario, for instance for a customer interested in computers, say the latest laptop or laptop bag, will use the right keyword to get users who deal in this device. It is more likely that different profiles will show up. One of the profiles that will show up is Spire, which deals in these kinds of items.

Use Hashtags

Instagram is more than just images and text. Adding images lets people know how wonderful the product or service is. Make sure the content is visually strong and attracts the right attention you are looking for. If you want the business to be noticed, you need to use hashtags. These tags make sure your posts end up on the list of keywords that people are seeking for.

Make the Description Count

When handling your description, you need to make sure that you let people understand the benefits that you offer compared to other businesses. Add a link to the channel to redirect people to your landing page.


If you need to use Instagram as a marketing channel, you need to use the many features of this platform in an efficient manner. Your efforts will reap big rewards if you know what you want and go after it the right way.