Popular Women's Watch Brands

Popular Women’s Watch Brands

Watches are increasingly becoming a stylish attire for women. In fact, it is a must-have accessory in most modern women’s wardrobes as a style statement. Even so, it can be quite tricky to choose the right watch, especially if you are buying your very first watch. For starters, you must take into account your lifestyle and wardrobe to have an idea of what you need to look out for. Nonetheless, irrespective of whether you like to wear the fanciest or the most luxurious timepiece you get, the key to complementing your look with a watch is wearing it with confidence. This article looks at some of the top women’s watch brands.


Rolex is a classy brand deemed to be the real definition of luxury. Rolex watches are designed to provide quality and to last a lifetime. The craftsmanship, history, and the heritage associated with this brand make it one of the most illustrious in the watch industry. Whether you sport the classic two-tone bracelets or the glittering diamond-studded bezels, Rolex watches offer the true meaning of top quality craftsmanship and standard precision. Whereas the brand is known to be high-end, replica Rolex watches fitting the description of the original brand are readily available in the market. Therefore, be on the look-out to ensure you are buying the real thing, lest you embarrass yourself flashing a fake Rolex.

Michael Kors Watches

This brand is quickly becoming a trendsetter in women watches. With a notable presence in the fashion industry, Michael Kors watches are bringing about a blend of style, affordability, and performance. There are no doubts that women will soon be wearing a Michael Kors watch for every outfit owing to the full range of affordable options available.

Fossil Watches

This brand brings forth a combination of classic style and modern sophistication to create elegant timepieces that complement every other look. The watches are of high-quality and are characterized by their timeless features. Fossil watches are born from an American manufacturer and designer.

Movado Watches

Movado watches are simple, elegant, and with precise functionality embodied in most modern designs. Their design is sleek with a modest style influenced by the early age of contemporary design. These watches are marked with a dot signature at 12 o’clock to symbolize the sun at noon.


As a modern woman, when you decide to look for the perfect watch, start with the brands that you are most familiar with. Some of the top names are well-established and buying from them guarantees high-quality and reliability. In most cases, these brands offer after-sale services including repairs and maintenance.

5 Tips to Leverage Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Leverage Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy

Since Instagram is quite the popular image-sharing social media platform nowadays, you ought to take advantage of it for your business marketing strategy. Check out these five helpful tips if you are unsure of what to do:

Keep Your Bio Updated

Having your bio updated is a method to gain more exposure. Furthermore, with the link you can use, you can direct more users to your business website. Doing so will add one more layer of digital content to your social media suite. Also, it enables a better searchability on the website, so you would not want to miss that.

Quality Content

Since you do not want to embarrass your business, avoid low-quality posts on the platform. Furthermore, you want to get attention and gain credibility, so having your content rank high on others’ views is desirable. Also, you would want to avoid having low-quality images on the cover component on your profile, so bring out the best that you’ve got.

Profile Picture

Another important aspect to take advantage of is your profile picture. Whatever is displayed here gives people their first impression of you, so upload something professional, specifically one that symbolizes your business. Avoid using bathroom pictures as your display picture as that would lead you to ruin. Remember, you are putting your business on the line, even with just the profile picture, so take it seriously.

Avoid Neglecting the Whole Picture

Although your profile is important, you need to remind yourself that there is much more to Instagram. You need to take advantage of hashtags, check your followers and reply to their posts, follow the influencers in your field, and so on. Thus, you should avoid focusing too much on your profile page only. Overall, you should go back to posting, following, liking, replying, and etc., once you are done updating your profile.

Instagram to Facebook

Now, one can post Instagram stories to Facebook, which is another aspect that you have to leverage. Read Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories – Income Artist, as they explain how it works. Do note that it only works one way: Instagram to Facebook and not the other way around.


You can leverage Instagram for your marketing strategy with these five tips. Remember, all you have to do is update your bio and profile, post quality content, look at the big picture, and take advantage of Instagram to Facebook stories.

3 Indicators That Your Business Should Embrace Social Media Marketing

3 Indicators That Your Business Should Embrace Social Media Marketing

Business owners no longer erect billboards and stick posters on walls in a bid to promote their businesses to the outside world. People are now leveraging on the use of social media which is easier to target customers and make conversions like never before. If you have noted in the recent past, almost 80% of people in social media are promoting their businesses, and you should as well join the bandwagon. You may feel as if your business is not ready for social media marketing. The following are sure indicators that you should embrace social media marketing.

You spend a lot in promotion

Marketing costs can be one of the biggest expenditures in your business if you are not cautious. Think about the marketing team that you employ, billboards and posters that you sprinkle all over. However, such marketing can limit you as you cover only a given area. With social media marketing, you can get customers from all over the world at a fraction of your budget. You can create a social group where you engage your customers for free. You can also have sponsored ads that increase the visibility of your posts.

It is hard to measure your performance

It will be very hard to make business decisions when you do not know how you are performing at the moment. You should evaluate whether your marketing efforts are paying off or if it is just another waste of your money. Luckily, with social media marketing, you can tell the number of customers that visit your website and make orders. Various analytic tools can measure user engagement and demographics that you can use to make short-term and long-term goals. You can also be able to tell the type of posts that customers like most.

You already own a website

Most businesses are moving online and having a website is just but a prerequisite. There are various social media plugins that you can use on your website to increase your outreach. Depending on the type and nature of your business, you can check some of the best social media accounts you can use at The Small Business Blog. The good thing with social media marketing is that you do not have to be an expert in marketing to succeed.

You can as well succeed in social media campaigns by sticking to the industry’s best practices. You just need to know what and when to post.