Preparing for Winter

Winter comes with its health concerns, the major one being cold and flu. These conditions are nasty and make it hard for you to perform your daily activities in peace. Before these conditions get into full swing, you need to know some of the remedies that can help with the situation. Let us look at a few major ones.

Keep Warm

Science has proven mum right – staying warm is one of the best ways to avoid getting a cold. Research shows that the virus that causes cold dies off more quickly when it is exposed to core body temperature. Warmer body temperature also prevents the virus from replicating and spreading.  You need to make sure to keep warm during the winter days to prevent the cold from getting worse.

Keep warm during this season by wrapping yourself in an electric blanket. Just set the temperature, and you are on your way to recovery. You can buy one just before winter sets in by checking out Warm Electric.

Pain Killers

Fever and aches are the definitive symptoms of cold and flu. You need pain relief to feel better. Make use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and NSAIDs such as Tylenol has been known to work for these conditions. Make sure you have these in your medicine cabinet before winter sets in.

No matter the painkiller that you take, make sure to follow the dosing instructions from the doctor or on the label. Taking more than the ideal dosage can be harmful to your health.

Take Vitamin C

Studies show that taking vitamin C helps prevent colds and flu. You could take this vitamin in the form of supplements, but this isn’t advisable. It is more potent for you to get the vitamin direct from food. Therefore, go for cultured vegetables that contain high levels of vitamin C.

Raw Honey

Make sure you have a bottle of raw honey in your home before the winter kicks in. Unpasteurized honey acts as an antioxidant and antimicrobial agent. It suppresses coughs and boosts the body’s immunity. This is very helpful for kids under the age of 6 years who cannot take over-the-counter medications for a cough.

Final Words

Flu and cold can make your winter unbearable. The best thing is that you can prevent these conditions from cropping up by simple tips and tricks. Make sure you keep warm and have the right medications to fight off these conditions.

Starting a Profitable Lumber Business

One of the best business ideas that you can pursue is opening a lumber yard. Lumber is a commodity that is always in demand, and you stand to get profit from such a venture if you handle it correctly. With enough capital and the right location, you stand to attract many customers.

Lumber yards play a central part in the building industry. You can supply contractors, do-it-yourselfers, and homebuilders with the raw materials that they need to build safe houses and commercial structures. One of the best ways to get the materials to sell is by self-milling. A tool that you need to have, whether you are running a small lumber yard or a huge one is a chainsaw. You can get the right saw by reading reviews on making the perfect purchase decision. Here are the steps towards achieving your business dream.

Have a Business Plan

You need a business plan to guide your business to profitability and long-standing success. An inferior plan will lead to the downfall of your business because you won’t be able to monitor your progress. Make sure you are satisfied with the content and scope of the business plan before you put it into effect.

Startup Costs

Like any other business, you need an upfront investment to succeed at this business. Once you have a location, you need to know how much you will need regarding costs. The most common items you need will be shelving, storage units, a forklift and retail equipment. Having a chainsaw enables you to cut the lumber into the required sizes for a customer.

Know the Needs of the Industry

The lumber industry constantly adapts itself to the needs of the consumers and regulations that change time and again. You need to stay on current rules and industrial developments so that you also educate your customers to comply with the standards. Remember, customers also love knowledgeable providers.

Know Your Competition

Long before you decide to open a lumber yard in your area; it is vital to see where you fit in the landscape. Know the competitors in the area and how they operate so that you come up with viable strategies.

The Lowdown

Starting a lumber yard can be beneficial if you follow the right steps and have the proper tools and equipment. Lumber is on demand; therefore you stand to make money out of this venture as long as you handle it the right way.