Salad Spinners For Quick Salad Recipes

Salad is the mix of raw fruits or veggies or both. It is not only tasty but also very healthy that nutritionists recommend eating it daily. It is the rich source of fiber and certain minerals which are lost while cooking the food. Salad is easy to prepare than the other dishes and absolutely the best food for your health. A bowl of salad has the ability to make your stomach full and keep you energized for all day work. Its high nutritional content can even enable you to skip your meals.

Although salad making is very easy but the time taken for the preparation for making salad is quite longer. You have to first wash all the veggies and then allow them to dry. Then cut them and mix well and add seasoning and flavors of your choice. The cooks who want to reduce the time for salad making should check out the salad spinner which is a great tool for making salad.

Different types of salad spinners

If you are planning to buy the salad spinner, then you should first check out for the right salad spinner for your needs at There are different types of salad spinners available in the market and on the online stores. These are:

  • Salad spinners for domestic use: These are the salad making appliances which are used at home. Since at home, you will need to make the salad in small quantities hence you need to have the small sized salad spinner. These are available in basically two models, one is the manual salad spinner and the other is electric salad spinner.
  • Salad spinner for commercial use: This type of salad spinners are generally bigger in size and generally electrically operated. These are installed on the walls or placed on the separate table in the big kitchens like restaurants.

Simple and convenient to use

Salad spinners make the task of making salad very simple and convenient. Unlike the traditional methods, you do not have to wait for the leafy veggies to get dry so that you can cut them and mix them well with the other ingredients of the salad. Salad spinners make the task of washing lettuce and leafy veggies very easy. You need to place these veggies inside the container and allow the water to pass through the small opening on the lid of the salad spinner. It will help in thorough cleaning of the leaves and let all the water to drain automatically.